Thursday, April 26, 2007

Amazon mum on EC2 and S3 spending

Amazon mum on EC2, S3 spending by ZDNet's Larry Dignan -- While Amazon delivered a blow-out quarter it remains quiet about detailing how much it is spending on the fast-growing EC2 and S3 Web services. On the first quarter earnings conference call, Bear Stearns analyst Robert Peck tried to pin down Amazon (AMZN) executives on the capital spending issue for 2007, but CEO Jeff Bezos didn't [...]

I just glanced at his Wikipedia bio. It was interesting to read, among other things, that his mother gave birth to him while she was still a teenager.

Then I read an interesting August 2004 article from Fast Company titled: Inside the mind of Jeff Bezos.

By the way, I noted in an earlier post that Jeff Bezos is also funding a company called Blue Origin to build vehicles for space travel.

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