Saturday, March 31, 2007 the home of podcasting

A website to help podcasters find more listeners, to help listeners find more podcasts and to help people start podcasting.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Test Digg Post

This is the coolest blog posting ever!!

Amanda Congdon starring as herself

This is an interesting (300 seconds) video interview of a highly successful woman blogger who is building an online empire. However, I was not able to find the unique URL for this video so when you click on the link "read more," it will take you to the section of that features video content. If you scroll down on the page and click on web celebrities, you will find Amanda Congdon's video interview.

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The Sound Of Silence -

Having trouble managing your business? Maybe you talk too much.

This is an interesting book review of In the Sphere of Silence, by Vijay Eswaran, chief executive of the Qi Group, a Hong Kong conglomerate. In the book, he discusses how he orders his day for success. His 9-year-old, $700 million (sales) company has interests ranging from e-commerce to ecotourism and interactive marketing.

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The Most Effective Corporate Web Sites -

Americans took the early lead, but Europeans are leapfrogging ahead. ..."The rest of the corporate world needs to keep on its electronic toes."

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

DailyCandy Goes Shopping for a Sugar Daddy -- New York Magazine

The story of how DailyCandy was started and that it is now selling for $100 million. This is a very interesting an informative article about a number of successful websites, why they are successful, what they sold for, and who bought them!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Email Marketing

There is a lot of valuable FREE information on sites that offer professional email marketing programs. One site is called Constant Contact.

Joy and Dukie at the beach!

The week my daughter's dog, Dukie, came down for a visit, we did some of our best business brainstorming while walking along the beautiful Del Mar beach. This day was gorgeous and sunny!

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Baby Einstein Success

Recently, my friend Marcia and I were discussing the success of the Baby Einstein products.

Marica and her family own a company that sells an an incredible video/DVD art curriculum program called Arts Attack, to school districts around the country. Their company also has a home school division.

We discussed Baby Einstein's success and today I found an article titled, "The Baby Einstein Sensation," on a blog called Small Business Tycoon.

So many great blogs, so little time!

A great blog that I discovered when I went to the "Best on the Web" blog directory was the CEO's Bloggers Club: the international club of CEO bloggers.

"Best of the Web" and other Blog Directories

A blog directory that I like is the Best of the Web blog directory.

After I have more content on my blog, I will list it with several blog directories. I Googled "Blog directories" and it brought up a lot of blog directory websites. One of them is called Blogarama.

Google, of course, also has a blog search.