Thursday, September 25, 2008

Five Million hits for Guy's 6 month-old-Alltop website!

I just clicked on a link at the top of my gmail that went to Guy Kawasaki's latest blog post about his aggregating (as opposed to aggravating...ha) Alltop website. It seems that it is doing well and he has a powerful endorsement from Microsoft.

Microsoft, the first advertiser on Alltop, had this to say, “Alltop is one of the most useful sites on the web, and for companies interested in reaching customers, among the most effective. For Microsoft, one ad on the Mac page of Alltop is like taking out dozens on targeted sites and blogs. Alltop should be the first stop for advertisers needing to reach a wide variety of targeted customers.” Sheridan Jones, director of marketing, Macintosh Business Unit, Microsoft.
And here are some key stats:

Update and Background
  • Age of site: 180 days
  • Total page views: Over five million
  • Total number of topics: 213