Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of Linked In

Earlier today, I listened to a podcast from Stanford University's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series. It was an interview of Reid Hoffman, the CEO and co-founder of the business social networking site, LinkedIn.com.

Then, I read an article, titled, Five Questions for Reid Hoffman, on a blog called GigaOm which began:

"Reid Hoffman is a busy guy. Along with being the full-time CEO of LinkedIn, he’s an active angel investor, and has participated in the financing of over 50 companies. Since his time at PayPal, Hoffman has culled a classy list of angel investments: Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Friendster, Ironport Systems, Last.fm, Nanosolar, Ning, Six Apart, Socialtext, Tagged, Technorati, Tiny Pictures, Wikia, and more."

I also read an interesting July 2006 article by CNNMoney.com titled: The 50 Who Matter Now. Reid Hoffman ranked 22 on their list. Then, I read 2004 interview of Reid that discussed the 4.7 million in VC funding LinkedIn received and how they were using it to grow LinkedIn quickly. And finally, I read the bio on him that Wikipedia provided. It was interesting to me that Reid was born on August 5, 1967...so he turns 40 this year. He's done a lot in his 40 years.

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