Friday, April 6, 2007

Who's doing the most blogging? Japan!

I read an interesting post titled, Wait, how many blogs Again? by Jeniffer Laycock. She wrote that David Sifry released Technorati's latest "State of the Blogosphere" report today.

She summarized the study and one of the things I found most eye-opening were that stat's regarding the # 1, 2 and other blogging languages. Japan is #1!

Here is PART a the handy summary that David Sirfry included at the end of his post of the study:

There are:
70 million weblogs
About 120,000 new weblogs each day, or...
1.4 new blogs every second
3000-7000 new splogs (fake, or spam blogs) created every day
Peak of 11,000 splogs per day last December
1.5 million posts per day, or...
17 posts per second
Growing from 35 to 75 million blogs took 320 days
22 blogs among the top 100 blogs among the top 100 sources linked to in Q4 2006 - up from 12 in the prior quarter
Japanese the #1 blogging language at 37%
English second at 33%
Chinese third at 8%
Italian fourth at 3%
Farsi a newcomer in the top 10 at 1%
English the most even in postings around-the-clock
Tracking 230 million posts with tags or categories
35% of all February 2007 posts used tags
2.5 million blogs posted at least one tagged post in February

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